• The project showcased in this section focus on enhancing the visual identity, messaging, and overall perception of ZOE Health and Wellness company. These endeavors aim to establish a robust, consistent, and memorable brand presence for ZOE that resonates with the target audience and sets the brand apart from competitors. 
  • The new logo was crafted uniquely and visually to give an appealing logo that embodies Zoe’s unique and visually brand identity and values.
  • The Color palette selection for ZOE now elicit the desired emotions and complements the the brand’s message.
  • The typography selection was selected to convey Zoe’s brand personality and maintain consistency across all materials.
  • A comprehensive brand guidelines was developed to outline ZOE’s brand, visual identity, messaging, and usage rules for all marketing materials and communication channels.
  • Click on image to access this section of my portfolio that includes brand design projects for ZOE.
  • In this segment of my portfolio, you will find a diverse collection of marketing design projects that I have completed both within and beyond the classroom setting. These projects demonstrate my ability to create a variety of visual and graphic elements aimed at promoting products, services, and brands. The primary focus of my work includes designing logos, brochures, flyers, social media graphics, and presentation materials. 
  • Click on the Marketing Design image to access portfolio artifacts that include the following: LEGACY eMagazine Logo designed for quarterly publication.  The producer of the short buddy comedy film “Long Term Investment” hired me to leverage social media graphics in their Kickstarter campaign, which ultimately led to raising capital for the project in record time. Word of Life International Ministries, Showcasing of Christmas Turn Around Poster.
  • As a student, I had the opportunity to engage in various activities that allowed me to enhance my skills and knowledge. One of the highlights of my educational journey was my involvement in print and publication designs, where I was able to develop my abilities in creating visually appealing content. Additionally, I had the good fortune of working with an organization where I was tasked with promoting LEGACY eMagazine by exploring various strategies. This experience was made possible through the completion of assignments as part of my coursework and contract work as a consultant.

  • Click on the Print and Publication Designs image to access portfolio artifacts for work completed inside and outside the classroom: Emerge Book Cover, Flavor Burst “Sicles and Cream” Collection Book Cover, The revamped LEGACY eMagazine covers spotlight the featured individual of the quarter, sans the clutter of other featured articles typically seen on the cover, thereby giving prominence to the legacy of the individual.

  • During my program, I had the privilege of engaging in case study analyses that enabled me to examine various aspects of a company, such as its background, challenges, goals, objectives, and SWOT analysis, while identifying strategies and solutions. These projects helped me glean essential insights and lessons applicable to future campaigns and initiatives. The case studies served as invaluable educational resources, exposing me to real-world examples of both triumphs and setbacks experienced by companies. Click on Case Studies to access portfolio artifacts that include the following of my concept solutions for: Brightline, Passion for Purpose Red Ball Gala, and Company Analysis of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. 

  • The projects displayed in this section demonstrate my expertise in leveraging the powerful tools available within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. By utilizing applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, I have been able to create visually compelling and professional-grade designs across various formats and mediums. These projects reflect my ability to harness the capabilities of Adobe Creative Cloud to bring creative ideas to life, enhance visual storytelling, and effectively communicate messages to the target audience.  Click on Misc. Graphic Design Projects to access portfolio artifacts that include the following creations from the course: Pic and Words of Former President Barak Obama and Creation of a Lightbulb.