I’m a proud graduate of Alabama State University, where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Marketing. I have always been passionate about marketing, particularly in the retail and higher education sectors. This passion has driven me to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, ultimately guiding me toward my goal of establishing my own marketing firm one day.  To further develop my skills and expertise, I am currently completing the Master of Integrated Marketing and Communications at the University of West Alabama. This comprehensive program has allowed me to delve deeper into various aspects of marketing and communications, ultimately broadening my horizons and enhancing my abilities. I eagerly anticipate completing my degree in Spring 2023.

As a passionate, enthusiastic, and results-driven individual, I am excited to showcase my extensive portfolio. This collection of work includes projects related to brand management, marketing strategies, print and publication design, as well as a variety of graphic design and case study projects. These endeavors were completed while I pursued my master’s degree, reflecting my dedication to excellence and continuous learning. Throughout my time in the program, I have actively engaged in projects aimed at addressing real-world challenges faced by companies and individuals. I have been fortunate to work with diverse clients, providing valuable insights, conducting research, and developing prototypes for their consideration. These experiences have equipped me with the ability to think critically, adapt to various situations, and deliver innovative solutions.

The 580 Portfolio Design Course has been instrumental in my growth as a marketing professional. This course has allowed me to synthesize and apply various concepts, strategies, and techniques for effectively communicating messages to customers and facilitating organizational transformation. The culmination of my efforts is this portfolio, which serves as a testament to my creative abilities, problem-solving skills, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.  In addition to my academic achievements and professional experience, I pride myself on being an effective team player and a strong communicator. I believe that collaboration and open communication are key factors in achieving success in any endeavor. My ability to work well with others and convey ideas clearly has been honed through numerous group projects and client interactions.

As I continue my journey, I remain committed to expanding my skills, staying abreast of industry trends, and seizing opportunities for growth and development. I am confident that my combination of passion, determination, and expertise will enable me to make a meaningful impact in the marketing world. In closing, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to share my story and showcase my work. I look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and am eager to apply my skills and knowledge to help businesses and organizations thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.


Guest Relations Agent, Brightline Trains Management LLC, Boca Rotan, FL
January 2023 – Present

In my current role, I greet guests warmly and genuinely, initiating friendly conversations to create a positive and welcoming environment. I stay alert and address any concerns before they intensify, ensuring that guests’ needs are met promptly and efficiently. As part of my duties, I respond to inquiries about tickets and reservations, managing transactions such as credits, cancellations, and bookings with accuracy and attention to detail. Additionally, I proactively identify guest requirements and offer information on each station, anticipating their needs and providing them with relevant information to enhance their experience. When necessary, I offer support at kiosks, ensuring that guests have access to assistance whenever they require it. Overall, my commitment to providing excellent customer service results in high levels of guest satisfaction and positive feedback.

Crowdfunding Campaign Manager and LEGACY eMagazine Marketing Consultant
January 2020 – Present

Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to capture target market. This included conducting market research, designing engaging magazine covers, and engaging with our audience through various channels.  Conducted in-depth market research to identify our target audience and develop effective marketing strategies.  Collaborated with the creative team to design captivating and visually appealing magazine covers that aligned with our brand.  Developed and implemented successful marketing campaigns that increased brand visibility and drove engagement.  Developed and executed a targeted email marketing campaign that increased our subscriber base by 20%.  Conducted a successful social media advertising campaign that resulted in 100% of target for crowdfunding film project.

A-Team Member, Miami Heat (Part-Time), Miami, Florida
May 2022 – November 2022

I was a highly visible expert on the Miami HEAT App. I handled mobile entry, ticketing, and wallet sign-up before games, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for fans. Additionally, I executed marketing, sales, and user engagement campaigns, promoting the app and its features to a wide audience. To evaluate the success of these initiatives, I developed post-event reports that assessed the achievement of key objectives. During the postseason, I also assisted with FTX Arena events, contributing to the success of these high-profile events. Overall, my contributions to the team’s efforts helped to enhance the fan experience and promote the Miami HEAT brand.


University of West Alabama (UWA)
Master of Arts, Integrated Marketing Communication
Expected Date of Completion: May 2023


Alabama State University (ASU)
Bachelor of Science, Marketing
Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipient
GPA: 3.493


Wallace Community College Selma (WCCS)
Associate of Science, General Business
GPA: 3.606