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The following is a Fizzle Business Sketch for ZOE Health and Wellness. It provides a template to help companies define the problem they are solving and the desires they are satisfying for their customers.

The ZOE Health and Wellness Moodboard includes visual elements that evoke a sense of health, wellness, vitality, and rejuvenation. This includes a color palette that promotes wellness, such as shades of green and yellow, as well as an off-white or light gray. The Moodboard may also include images of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy snacks, supplements, and other health and wellness products that align with the company’s focus on gut health and personalized nutrition. The Moodboard may also feature images of people engaging in physical activity, to promote a healthy lifestyle. Other visuals that evoke a sense of calm, relaxation, and balance.

The ZOE style guide comprises a thorough set of guidelines that determine the usage of language, tone, formatting, and other
stylistic elements in all of ZOE’s communication and content, guaranteeing consistency in branding. The style guide remains a dynamic document, frequently updated to reflect changes in language usage, style trends, and branding objectives.  Additionally, it acts as a valuable resource for all ZOE employees
and content creators, ensuring that all content and communication comply with the brand’s established standards.

Zoe Health and Wellness’ target market is health-conscious individuals who are interested in improving their gut health, body nutrition, and biology to live a better life. The company’s target audience is international, with a presence in London, England, Boston, Massachusetts, and San Francisco, California.  Emma Worth and James Pierce represent the target audience of ZOE Health and Wellness, as their demographics align with the company’s focus on health-conscious individuals seeking personalized nutrition and gut health improvement. These personas provide a clear understanding of the types of customers that the brand aims to serve.

Persona 1

Persona 2

The ZOE Health and Wellness dynamic moodboard video is an engaging visual tool that brings together various multimedia elements to showcase the company’s mood, tone, and aesthetic.  Overall, the ZOE Health and Wellness dynamic moodboard video is a powerful marketing tool that captures the essence of the brand and communicates its values and mission in an engaging and memorable way.

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